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poor dog had to go in the tea :(


skill issue




Quick walkthrough here. 

I can't get past the title after I click play

same, it crashes chrome and freezes my computer

me too

lol that's a really funny game



dog biscuits and tea, what a wonderful snack.


best game ive ever playe


Playing this at 2 am just hits different


This game was blast for us - thanks for making this!

the tension i felt


wow that was some hard anti-climax lol


I honestly thought it was gonna be a horror game lmao


Cute little game, I enjoyed it and it was actually funny in the end, ty for that ♥ 

love it thank you 


peta the horse is here

tea loop


Dog tea be yum


i drank a tea while making a te


Really fun game! My friends and I enjoyed playing it.

Keep up the good work!

It's been years since I first played, but I never stop talking about the experience that was this game. I actually couldn't play it to the end myself the first time, so I had to force my friend to play the ending for me while I watched in fear and anticipation.

I want everyone to play this game.


idek how many times ive played this by now but its good

A little bit Spooky


Quirky little game =)


Oh my mf god, this is literally the BEST game I have EVER played. I love you people, thank you.


THE TEA NOISE IS SO FUNNY "eweweweweweeweweew" 

this gane is so fubn



the way he drank the tea killed me 


it glitched for me the first time and honestly, it scared the shit out of me


Do people actually stir their tea with a spoon?

I just dunk the teabag a couple times.


I mean, if I got an extra spoon yeah.


I want coffee, too

I loved every second of it


Short charming game. Loved it!

Second part?


That was actually really fun! Had a blast making some tea

cool game! i know how to make tea now :D

i'm glad to provide a service to humanity 

can i get your consent to post 2 gifs

wow this is cool




Very fun little game. I love when games play with horror concepts like this, so you're not even sure if it is horror :)

i realy like the game and its fun and short i was scared when i needed to bring the thea but it wasnt scary cool game i recommend it

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