DRIVING SIM, but you can't DRIVE.

In Backseat Driver, you play as a driving instructor for a reluctant driver. You must type commands to direct his actions, but be warned: the more you command him, the less responsive he'll become. Get to the end to win, and have your useless student graduate! Oh, and avoid hitting people.

TAB to look at driver, ENTER to enter typed command.

go (starts moving)
stop (stops moving)
left (turn 90 degrees left)
right (turn 90 degrees right)
driftl (drifts left)
driftr (drifts right)
cry (restarts game)

The bar at the top right represents the driver's current indignation: the higher it is, the longer it will take to respond and the more chance he'll ignore you!


  • Lead / Code: Theo Hamilton (TwitterMastodon)
  • Code / Music: Tommy Birt
  • Art: Charlie Seddon


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorsWORLDENDDISK, cellez27, Jian_Zen
Made withUnity


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"the driver ignores you"

i wann do multicommands like " go right " so it could be easier

Hold enter for something funny, and press tab to look at the drive

Only managed like two blocks so far but its a lot of fun.

is it impossible to go trough tunnels or did i miss something?

If so it would be cool to let the player know visually -if not: nevermind

this is a wonderful idea for a game! I love the fun art style. personally I am both a slow typer and a slow thinker, so I was not able to get very good at the game, but I'm sure people who are a little faster then I am will find this game super enjoyable. 

Deleted 355 days ago

press tab