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eery, but i teared up.


This game is surprisingly emotional. I imagine that this game is about a father/mother/parent mourning the memories with their child.


this game is very surreal and creepy I don't know what I'm supposed to do but I don't think there is a thing to do you just watch the very creepy tapes I think you haft to put them in a certain order but I'm not sure. this game is very well made though it has a very creepy feel to it and no glitches or trouble loading (from what I saw) this game definitely seems worth supporting I would love to see something like this be a full game its such a neat concept. if you want to see my full reaction to this game here it is

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I didn’t know exactly what I was playing in the moment, but this not only gave out a creepy vibe, but it’s very well made. I was getting “The Ring” vibes while viewing the tapes. Some of the mundane moments that suddenly distort is particularly effective. I’d like to see this concept built upon into a full blown story, where the player tries to piece together a story from multiple tapes. Nice work! 


Brilliant creepy experience! Throughly enjoyed playing this and highly recommend this to anyone after something to put them on edge. It’s such a neat concept and I’d love to see this developed further. Fab! 



Amazing, Theo et al! Definitely a fair bit of unease watching through all of that. Nailed the style and graphics.